Cadaver Lab

September 22, 2011 at 3:07 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was my first hands-on experience with a cadaver. There were no labs during the first week of the term; hence, this is why yesterday was my first day in lab. Six bodies were graciously donated at the beginning of this term to the small school of NCNM with an incoming class of ~120 students. At my undergrad university, I recall there only being one cadaver available to the student body of about 20,000 students and it was definitely not recently donated. The professor welcomed the students into the lab and introduced “the stars of the show” and bid us to respect the people who offered their bodies to science by offering a moment of silence.

We, the students, had gloved up, grabbed our checklist, probes, and then went towards the cadavers. The professor did not instruct us as to where we would find the listed muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments, etc, as we were to have studied from atlases of anatomy & our lecture notes prior to attending lab. Thankfully, I and my new friend, Courtney, had done so at the advice of our upperclass mentors. Atlases of anatomy are also present inside the lab so we do not have to bring our own copies in and risk contaminating them.

Between the professor and the two teaching assistants and our own recollection of some of the listed item, we made our way discovering a whole new world…at least for me. It is quite fascinating to see the human body prosected after so many years of learning about the body in books and in action as an active individual, personal trainer, physical therapist aide, and Pilates instructor. The human body is amazing in it’s organized entanglement.


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