Staying Healthy

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I’ve made it through the first three weeks of schools in a healthy physiological state of being…for the most part.

I went to NCNM’s health clinic, which is a teaching clinic, to be seen by a Classical Chinese Medicine student and the supervising Doctor three times already. The first time was during Orientation week because I had slipped off a curb and sprained my right ankle while taking my laundry to my car at night (I had done it at my friend’s place while we barbecued and watched a movie). This injury was coupled with a right knee strain (it’s had many small injuries and has a weak ACL) from the previous week that I subjected myself to after a tough weight-lifting workout at the gym. The student doctor, who has training in acupuncture, needled my ankle, calf, and back side of my knee in several places to reduce the swelling. I was a little bit sore from the needles afterwards but a lot of the pain in my knee had subsided; I hadn’t had much pain in my ankle, just slight stiffness, which subsided as well.

The following week I went in for a follow-up appointment for my ankle and knee, which both were doing much better, but also to have my digestive system treated. I’ve had ongoing “issues” with my digestive system for the past 10 years almost. Initially, I noticed that I was lactose-intolerant, then lactose-sensitive, but then perhaps back to lactose-intolerant. Also, I have had some allergies to foods since I was a child that sometimes come & go with the season; for example, bananas,¬†cantaloupe¬†and carrots can make my lips and throat itch; and some beers & wines make my skin on my forearm or lower back itch. Weird, but true.

Back with the doctor, he told me that my pulse was slow and that my digestion was of concern. The doctor instructed the student doctor where to place needles and also devised an herbal concoction for me to take twice daily that would help eliminate the “evil chi”. As soon as the needles were placed in my forearm to stimulate my digestion, my intestines immediately started churning! It was really amazing! The churning subsided as I relaxed until the needles were removed and I lifted my arm to move my wrist (side note: I had sprained my wrist earlier in the week so I was needled in the wrist and forearm…gravity has been rough on me here) and the churning returned! Thankfully the churning only lasted for a few seconds but I was intrigued as to how needling my forearm stimulated my digestive system. So cool!

I took the herbs for one week and they definitely cleaned out my system. A detox at the beginning of a new beginning! The first day off of the herbs was the autumnal solstice so it was a great way to start a new season. I ate as healthy as I could for a week before I could arrange to meet with the “chi” doctors again.

Last Monday, I donated blood for my first time. It was a novel experience to see a large sac of my own blood being filled then several subsequent vials. I stayed conscious the whole time but was drained for the rest of the day and the next. Then, as nature would have it, my cycle began on Thursday. Needless to say I was pretty drained on Friday. Thankfully, I had another appointment at the clinic with the CCM student doctor & supervising doctor. They noted my very weak pulse and styled the treatment as a energy- and blood-stimulating session with little & light needling. They also concocted another herbal supplement to help strengthen my blood during these next two weeks. I’ll return in two Fridays for another herbal concoction that will continue to help to strengthen my blood and normalize my hormones so I will have an easier transition into my next cycles. I’m definitely looking forward to a lessened voracious appetite and emotional kiddie roller coaster ride next month =)

I’m feeling healthier than ever but this transition to Portland has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster…


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Passed First Exam!

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The big excitement this past week, which was the third week of a 12-wk term, was that I had my first exam. It was in my Organ Systems I course, which is similar to a physiology course. The exam consisted of about 25 multiple choice questions. In my program, the courses are graded on a pass or not pass scale with a 70% and above constitutes a passing grade. I passed with room to spare!

Tomorrow is my first Biochemistry exam. I feel pretty good about it and plan to pass this one as well. I’ll keep you all posted =)

Off to get a good night’s rest…

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