Happy & Healthy New Year!

January 2, 2012 at 7:49 am (biochemistry) (, , )

I’m back! Let’s say that I got a bit overwhelmed with school and life for the last part of the term since my last post. A brief overview since October: I joined Leaders By Choice & went on a weekend retreat in early October; the Sunday afternoon I returned to Portland I learned that my paternal grandfather had passed away the night before; I flew home to Southern California on Wednesday of that week & returned Sunday; I had mid-terms; then class, study, class, study…; I had one week off for Thanksgiving; then finals! I was stressed mainly throughout the whole time especially during mid-terms; I was so anxious that I didn’t sleep well for about a week and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. After my near week-long panic-attack state I decided I needed to change several curricular and non-curricular aspects of my renewed lifestyle as a full-time student. This term has definitely been filled with change: change in how I approach studying, living on my own, dealing with emotional stress, and trying to stay balanced in all aspects of my life. I realized I wasn’t balanced and I thought of ways by which I could feel more balanced, like joining the local gym, practicing yoga more frequently, and socializing more with my classmates at school and out of school. The latter half of the term seemed to go more smoothly than the first because I wasn’t in survival mode; however, there was much studying to be done. The class that I was most stressed about was Biochemistry I because not only did I have to know the material…I also had to be able to apply that knowledge. Go figure! It was a difficult test but I passed it and the class, as I also did with the rest of my classes. First term done of my first year as a student of naturopathic medicine!

So, with one term completed, and many more to go, I look forward to a year full of learning not only the required material but more of what life has to offer. The more I live the more I realize I do not know and I become excited, and slightly overwhelmed, at how many things I would like to know more about and wonder when/if I’ll have the time to learn them. I think I might need more hands, a bigger brain, and more hours in the day. To the support of conscious evolution! Happy New Year!


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